Sponsorships were offered between FY2022-FY2024. Please note that Sponsorships will not be running in FY2025 (July 2024-June 2025).


Sponsorships of up to $2,000 support public humanities events, programs, and opportunities that help institutions serving the people of Connecticut explore and promote the enduring value of public humanities in our lives and civil society.

On this page, you will find:

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Sponsorships Overview

What do Sponsorships fund?Sample SponsorshipsGuidelines & ApplicationResourcesImportant Dates

CT Humanities (CTH) sponsorships are intended to fund activities that align with CTH’s mission and strategic goals and objectives, with the intent of providing visibility and access to strategic audiences that are not currently being served by CTH through its normal grantmaking and other initiatives. CTH will provide funding up to $2,000 for an organization’s event in return for marketing visibility and exposure.

What are the humanities?

The humanities are fields of learning that help us to understand and appreciate human history, culture, values, and beliefs. They include (but are not limited to) history, cultural studies, civics, literature, and art history and criticism. For a more complete overview of the humanities, click here.

What about the arts? What about STEM?

CT Humanities supports the intersection of the humanities and other fields such as arts or STEM. Sponsorships can fund the accompanying discussion, lecture, or text that interprets or contextualizes the creation, performance, or exhibition of art. Sponsorships can also fund programs that help the public to better understand the impact of STEM fields on human history, culture, values, and beliefs. For example, a concert on its own would not be a competitive Sponsorship project. However, a concert that includes contextualization of the music through a moderated discussion of the impact of the music on its era could be a competitive Sponsorship application.

We are in the process of updating this section with sample model applications. Please check back for additional examples.

Sample Model Applications:

Please note that application questions may change from year to year. Some sample model applications may not reflect all questions asked in the current application. Click the “Guidelines and Application” tab to preview the current Sponsorship application and funding priorities.

To view recent awarded Sponsorships, click the button below this table.


Please read the Sponsorship guidelines before applying.

View Sponsorship Guidelines

Funding Priorities:

CT Humanities gives priority to Sponsorship requests that:

  • Support events/programs with a large number of attendees or viewership
  • Support activities that are free or low cost to attend
  • Provide equitable access to the humanities or professional development opportunities for humanities-serving institutions
  • Support underserved areas of the humanities (i.e., geographic, demographic, humanities disciplines)
  • Support activities that meet CTH priorities, but whose structure and scholarship are not fitted for CTH’s traditional granting program
  • Support organizations not recently funded by CTH grants

Preview the Application:

To preview the current Sponsorship application, click here.

After speaking with Grants staff about your project, apply through the CTH Grant Application Portal.

Need help with navigating the CTH Grant Portal? Looking for resources to help your organization with its data collection? Seeking resources to help develop and strengthen humanities projects?

Click the button below to view our Resources for Applicants:

Resources for Applicants

Please also feel free to reach out to CTH Grants Staff at grants@cthumanities.org with any questions.

2024 Application Deadlines:

  • March 1, 2024
  • June 7, 2024

Award Notification: The first workday of the following month

Earliest Project Start Date: Ideally two months following the application deadline (if your project starts earlier than two months from the project deadline, be sure to describe how CTH Sponsorship will be incorporated into marketing efforts before the event)

Sponsorship Period: 12 months starting from the date of the award notification


We are eager to help you submit a strong application. Before applying, organizations must contact CTH Grants Staff at grants@cthumanities.org to discuss your project idea. Applications submitted without prior communication with CTH staff will not be considered.

Online Grant Application Portal

FAQs about Sponsorships

What types of organizations are eligible to apply for a Sponsorship?
To apply for a Sponsorship, your organization must be one of the following:

  • A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Connecticut and governed by a board of directors that meets regularly
  • A municipality in the state of Connecticut
  • A Connecticut-based federally or State recognized tribe

Non-eligible applicants may not apply for a Sponsorship through a fiscal sponsor. You can find more information about eligibility requirements in the Sponsorship guidelines (see the “Guidelines and Application” tab above).

How much information do I need to include in my application?
A competitive Sponsorship application should provide an overview of the project, directly address at least one of the Sponsorship funding priorities, provide details on your target audience and how you plan to reach that audience, and specify how CTH funding will be made visible to attendees.

What is the difference between a Quick Grant and a Sponsorship?
Quick Grants and Sponsorships can both fund humanities projects for the general public, although there are some key differences:

Quick Grants Sponsorships
501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations must have held 501(c)(3) status for at least one year 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations may have held 501(c)(3) status for less than one year
Ineligible organizations may apply through a fiscal sponsor Ineligible organizations may not apply through a fiscal sponsor
Max ask is $4,999 Max ask is $2,000 (unless otherwise approved by CTH staff)
Requires a minimum 1:1 match No match required
Funding prioritizes humanities scholarship Funding prioritizes audience size, organization size/type, and making humanities programs more accessible

Can I have two Sponsorships open at the same time?
No. At any given time, an organization may have:

You are eligible to apply for another Sponsorship after you’ve completed your final report and closed your open Sponsorship.

Organizations also may not apply for both a grant and a sponsorship to support the same project.

How will my grant application be scored?
The Institutional Advancement Committee will score your application using these questions, which will be used as the basis of their discussion of all grant applications. You can find more information about the application review process here

Can I save a copy of my application?
Yes. In the CTH Grants Portal, open your grant application. Under your contact information, you should see three buttons. Click the middle button “Application Packet” to create a PDF of your application. 

How are funds disbursed?
Funds are disbursed in one installment via ACH transfer through Bill.com at the time of fully executed sponsorship agreement. You will find more information about the payment structure in your sponsorship agreement.  If you have not previously received funds through Bill from CTH, you can follow these steps to register for Bill and connect to us for payment.

Resources for Sponsorship Recipients

Have you received a Sponsorship? Visit the Resources for Grantees page here for information on grant management, a Public Relations Toolkit, and more resources!

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