CT Humanities provided $16M in general operating support grants to help the state's museums, cultural, humanities, and arts organizations.

CT Humanities is honored to have partnered with the CT Office of the Arts to administer the CT Cultural Fund Operating Support Grants program.

CT Cultural Census Data Stories:

CT Cultural Census Data Stories (Statewide, By County, and Pandemic Story)

Resources for Grantees:

Data Collection Office Hours with Susie Wilkening

  • Tuesday, July 26, 2022, 1 p.m. (Zoom details to come)
  • Wednesday, August 3, 2022, 1 p.m. (Zoom details to come)

FAQs for Grantees

Grant Guidelines – PDF

Data Collection Tips and Template – PDF

Editable Data Collection Template – Word

Tips for Collecting Visitation & Audience Data – PDF

Public Relations Guidelines – PDF

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Sample Press Release – CT Cultural Fund Operating Support Grant – Word

Sample Letter of Appreciation to Legislators -Word

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Full List of Awards

CT Cultural Fund Operating Support Grants were designed to help the state’s museums, cultural, humanities, and arts organizations maintain and grow their ability to serve their community and the public, connect K-12 teachers and students to strong humanities and arts content, and improve their information technology and digital infrastructure. 

Grantee Testimonials:

Press Releases:


These grants were administered by CT Humanities (CTH), with funding provided by the Connecticut State Department of Economic and Community Development/Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) from the Connecticut State Legislature.

  • CT Cultural Fund Operating Support grants were GENERAL OPERATING SUPPORT grants for museums and 501(c)(3) non-profit, municipal, Connecticut state, or Connecticut-based tribal nation organizations that provide cultural-, humanities-, and arts-based projects and activities for the public (i.e., museums, historic houses, historical societies, arts organizations, cultural centers, and other organizations that offer activities such as exhibitions, performances, art classes, public programs, or walking tours to the public).
  • Eligibility: Eligibility applied to organizations whose core mission, vision, focus, and legal purpose – as stated in their Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws – articulate a commitment to conduct museum, cultural, humanities, and/or arts activities AND at least 51 percent of their annual fiscal expenditures is allocated specifically to support cultural, humanities, and arts activities, programming, services or initiatives.
  • Award Amounts: The minimum grant award amount was $5,000 and the maximum award amount was $500,000. All eligible applying organizations received funding support. Award amounts were determined based upon an organization’s budget size and in consideration of other sources of state funding.

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