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CTH's Digital Portal provides access to digital content, innovative and inspiring projects, and tools and resources for the 21st century.

This is your home for stories about the people, traditions, innovations, and events that make up the rich history of the Nutmeg State. In keeping with the internet’s dynamic nature and our evolving understanding of the past, brings you new content and connections each and every week. Connect to the real thing, the historic places, documents, and objects that make up the historical record.

Teach It

The goal of Teach It is to help Connecticut’s teachers bring Connecticut history into the classroom through a series of inquiry-based activities that reinforce the principles found in the new social studies frameworks. You will find activities that link local events to national events so students can understand our state’s contributions that shaped our community, history, and heritage.

Digital Resources for Distance Learners

CT Humanities has curated high-qualityad-free, Connecticut-based digital content for curious people of all ages and stages.  They provide opportunities to learn more about the history of the Nutmeg State, delve into a book by a Connecticut author, research a topic, and peruse the unique and fascinating offerings of trusted digital collections.


CT Experience Video Series

CT Humanities is proud to have worked with Connecticut Public Television to create this unique video series about the real connections between our state’s past, present, and future. The stories are compelling and reveal intriguing elements of Connecticut’s cultural heritage.

America 250 -CT Commission Resource Website

As we commemorate the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, we are excited to share Connecticut-based resources with people throughout the state. Whether you love history or are just curious, this website has something for everyone.

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