Grantee Spotlight: Litchfield Historical Society
February 3, 2020 • CTH Funded, Features & News, Grants

CT Humanities recently awarded the Litchfield Historical Society a $25,000 Planning Grant for research and planning for a two-year exhibition on the Connecticut Western Reserve.  The planning process will commence later this month and CTH funds will be used for research travel, honoraria for researchers and advisory committee member assistance, and staff salary support for time spent working on the project.

CT Humanities Fund Public Presentation Planning Grants support the development of projects that help us understand and appreciate human history, culture, values, and beliefs. They allow us to analyze our complex society and to make thoughtful, reasoned decisions based on inquiry, evaluation, and empathy and may be awarded to develop exhibitions, public programs, and interpretive digital media projects.

Catherine Fields, Executive Director at Litchfield Historical Society, remarked that the grant “will help us put the pieces together for our next major exhibition on Connecticut’s role in settling the Western Reserve in Ohio. We would not be able to afford to travel to Ohio for research or to bring a stellar advisory committee onboard without CT Humanities’ help.”

Fields went on to say, “CT Humanities has helped make the Litchfield Historical Society what it is today. From support for lectures and symposia through small quick grants, to planning and implementation grants for major exhibitions, to capacity building for strategic planning and staff development, CT Humanities has done it all.”

All Public Presentation Planning Grant proposals must demonstrate significant humanities scholarship and content and articulate clearly defined goals that will be achieved during the project.  The next application deadline is April 3, 2020.  For more information, visit

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