CT Humanities Fund

Connecticut Humanities grants have supported a variety of projects and organizations for more than four decades. Since 1995 the Connecticut General Assembly funds to Connecticut Humanities to provide “…grants and support services for institutions in the humanities, including but not limited to libraries, museums and historical and cultural societies and associations.” As community needs have changed over the years Connecticut Humanities adjusted its funding priorities and granting programs to support a wide variety of institutions and projects of the highest quality that engaged the public in thoughtful consideration of the human condition. Most recently in 2012, Connecticut Humanities introduced the Connecticut Humanities Fund which opened up the applicant field to include a broader range of humanities disciplines. During the 2015/16 grant cycle, more than $1,000,000 was awarded to more than 120 institutions in the state.

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In June 2016 state funds were no longer available to make humanities grants throughout the state. Connecticut Humanities has temporarily suspended the Connecticut Humanities Fund with the hope that funding will be restored in the coming year.

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