CT Humanities Awards $144,208 in Major Grants to 8 Cultural Nonprofits for Community-Strengthening Capacity, Planning, and Implementation Programs

The board of directors of CT Humanities has awarded $144,208 in Capacity, Planning, and Implementation grants to 8 nonprofits to support humanities projects and planning that strengthen the organizations’ impact in their communities and highlight humanities work through the state.

Two Capacity grant requests were funded, totaling $15,760; Capacity grants help Connecticut organizations that bring humanities to the public think strategically, better understand their audiences, assets, and operations, and plan for the future. CT Humanities also awarded $128,448 in Planning and Implementation grants – which support the planning and execution of humanities projects, such as exhibitions, public programs, and interpretive digital media projects – to six organizations.

“With dozens of compelling applications requesting nearly $700,000, this was a very competitive round of grants,” said Dr. Jason R. Mancini, executive director of CT Humanities. “We are proud to support these projects, which highlight important humanities themes at organizations across the state.  We hope that Connecticut residents and visitors will explore and enjoy the rich stories of our state’s cultural organizations.”


American School, at Hartford, for the Deaf (West Hartford, $9,960)

Online Accessibility Planning for the ASD Archive

In this project, the American School for the Deaf (ASD) will plan and begin the work of making finding aids, container lists, and a numbering system to create a subject guide for the archives housed in the Cogswell Heritage House. Based on the recommendations of consultants who are experts in this work, they will focus on their correspondence record group. The guidance of these experts will be critical in preparing to move the ASD Archive online to give the collection the accessibility it deserves.

Ancient Burying Ground Association, Inc (Hartford, $5,800)

The Future is Here – Building a Better Future for the Ancient Burying Ground Association

In its recent history, the Ancient Burying Ground Association (ABGA) has successfully reached organizational goals and priorities to present more programs, build its online presence, and increase participation. The ABGA is now prepared to revisit its mission and vision to create a three-year strategic plan with the assistance of a consultant. The plan will set goals and develop an action plan to insure the sustainability and growth of the organization for a better future.



Connecticut Heritage Foundation Incorporated (Hartford, $25,000)

Connecticut’s Role in the Founding of United States of America

The Museum of Connecticut History (MCH) at the Connecticut State Library (CSL) sought funding to support planning for a new CT250 exhibition highlighting items from CSL’s collection and key objects from other institutions statewide. With the help of consultants and a steering team, MCH/CSL staff will interpret the state’s role in the American Revolution and the founding of the nation and develop an exhibit plan that will direct the installation of a CT250 exhibit at the MCH in the future.

Connecticut River Foundation at Steamboat Dock (Essex, $25,000)

Maritime Trades in the Connecticut River Valley: Surfacing Stories of African Americans and Indigenous Workers

The Connecticut River Museum sought funding to support the work of a lead project scholar who will work to rediscover stories of those African, African American, Indigenous, and other non-European people who were part of the substantial maritime trade industry beginning in the 17th century and continuing through the steamboat era. This under-researched focus will be the basis for a 2026 exhibit and will broaden scholarly knowledge of maritime trades in the River Valley.

Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum (Norwalk, $24,500)

Implementation for “Bulls of Wall Street: High Finance, Power, and Social Change in America”

“Bulls of Wall Street: High Finance, Power, and Social Change in Victorian America” looks at the origins of Wall Street finance, an industry that contemporary America accepts as an institution, but which was new, controversial, and volatile in the 19th century. Consisting of images, letters, description, costumes, and key artifacts, the exhibit will open in May 2025 as the first temporary exhibit following a multi-year renovation at LMMM.

Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc. (Stonington, $25,000)

Stoked! Surfing’s Global Legacy Special Exhibition

Mystic Seaport Museum will develop and mount the “Stoked! Surfing’s Global Legacy” exhibition exploring surfing history from Indigenous origins through colonization’s impact to today. “Stoked!” will reveal complex human relationships woven around this iconic activity and connect new audiences with maritime stories and heritage. The exhibit will debut in May 2025 and run for 10 months, then travel in an abridged form to two-three smaller museums.

University of Connecticut Foundation, Inc. (Mansfield, $9,766)

Oceanic Melville

Oceanic Melville will include two plenary talks on the Avery Point campus of the University of Connecticut that are free and open to the public. The first, held on June 16, 2025, will be an introduction to the field of the Blue Humanities, given by Steve Mentz. The second, held on Juneteenth (June 19, 2025), given by Lenora Warren, will center on the maritime world with a focus on literatures of abolition, insurrection, and the politics of resistance.

University of Hartford/Maurice Greenberg Center (West Hartford, $19,182)

Jews in Space: Members of the Tribe in Orbit

“Jews in Space: Members of the Tribe in Orbit” is a museum exhibit that will be on display in the Museum of Jewish Civilization on the University of Hartford campus from September 2024- May 2025. The exhibit examines not only how Jews have questioned the existence of the solar system from the ancient past to contemporary times, but also how these examinations have become part of popular culture. Public programs will take place in September 2024, November 2024, February 2025, and April 2025.

For information on grants eligibility and application due dates, visit cthumanities.org/grants

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