Westport Library Opens Suffrage Exhibit Online

We are so pleased to see The Westport Library has opened its CTH funded exhibit “Our Neighbors, Our Crusaders: The forgotten history of Westport’s suffragists and their fight for women’s right to vote” online.

Visit the exhibit here: https://www.suffragistswestportlibrary.org/

“Our Neighbors, Our Crusaders” uncovers for the first time the career and political triumphs of suffragists who made Westport home, and also honors over 50 Westport women, many of whose given names and identities are nearly forgotten.

These wives, widows, mothers, sisters, and daughters ventured out from their parlors and onto the streets to fight for voting rights.

Together, they crisscrossed neighborhoods canvassing for votes, delivered soapbox speeches at factories and participated in meetings, fundraisers, rallies and parades to champion the ideology of “Our Vote, Our Future”.

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