Granting Program Evaluations

CTH periodically conducts evaluations of our grantmaking program. The most recent evaluation was conducted in 2024 and looked back at grantmaking between FY19-23. Previous evaluations looked at FY12-14 and FY15-18.

The 2024 evaluation reports consist of a report based on interview data and a descriptive analysis of grantmaking data. Interviews were conducted by an outside evaluator with 31 CTH applicants that represent a diversity of organization size, type, and geography. The outside evaluator also conducted the analysis of grantmaking data between FY19-23.

2024 Evaluation Report: CT Humanities Core Grant Applicant Feedback FY2019-23

This report presents insights derived from interviews with a sample of CT Humanities applicants to Quick Grants, Capacity Grants, Planning Grants, Implementation Grants, and Sponsorships from fiscal years 2019-2023. The purpose of this study was to assess the applicant experience and communication with CT Humanities staff, understand the perceived value of the application process relative to the funding received, and survey applicant priorities for the near future.

A few key findings:

  • Communication with CTH staff emerged as a crucial factor in the application process.
  • Despite occasional frustrations and disappointments, respondents overwhelmingly expressed a willingness to apply for grant funds from CTH again.
  • Many organizations emphasized the need for operating support and noted the ongoing necessity for diversified funding and strategic approaches to securing resources.

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2024 Evaluation Report: CT Humanities Grantmaking Evaluation Summary FY2019-23

This report presents key findings based on a descriptive analysis of CTH’s grantmaking data between fiscal years 2019-2023.

A few notable trends:

  • Staff from organizations across Connecticut filed 753 core grant applications with CTH requesting over $5,750,000. CTH granted 382 core awards totaling $2,952,193.
  • In addition to core awards, CTH distributed another 1,734 grants for extraordinary funding in this period totaling $40,537,815.
  • Quick Grants were by far the most heavily utilized grant line and represented half of all core awards (242 of 409 awards).
  • In the past two fiscal years, the number and proportion of core grant applications from smaller organizations has increased. There has been a similar increase in the proportion of core grantees with small to mid-size annual operating expenses (below $850,000).


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A vertical bar chart demonstrating the amount requested and awarded in CTH Core Grants (Sponsorships, Quick Grants, Capacity Grants, Planning Grants, and Implementation Grants) between FY2019 - FY2023. The amount requested rose from $922,898 in FY2019 to $1,472,813 in FY2023. While the amount awarded has grown over time, it tends to remain at 50% of the amount requested, demonstrating a need for additional funding. There is a notable drop in amount requested and awarded in FY2021 due to the pandemic.

Visualization of Total Amount of Core Grant Funds Requested and Awarded, FY2019-2023; view the Evaluation Summary above for the full report.

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