Grant Spotlight: Westport Library | Stepping Out on Faith: The Art and Journey of Charles Joyner
April 28, 2022 • CTH Funded, Exhibitions

Exhibit open through Sunday, June 5
Free; see website for hours of operation

Location: Sheffer Gallery, Westport Library, 20 Jesup Road, Westport

Funded in part by a $4,999 August Quick Grant, Westport Library’s Stepping Out on Faith: The Art & Journey of Charles Joyner is an exhibit that celebrates Charles Joyner’s southern roots, Westport years and travels in Ghana, jointly fueling his identity, aspirations and artwork.

His subjects intersect African and African American cultures and embrace Black folk traditions of North Carolina’s Coastal Plain region, epic moments of the civil rights era in which he came of age, and subjects drawn from his extensive travels in Ghana.

The exhibit is supplemented by a podcast co-produced by Verso Studios at the Westport Library, and Bonnyeclaire Smith Stewart. It features conversations with the people and places that influenced Joyner’s life and art, from his rural upbringing in North Carolina, to intersections of African and African American, epic moments of the Civil Rights Era, and Joyner’s education in Westport and beyond.

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