Connecticut State Library Launches World War One Twitter Campaign
February 2, 2017 • Features & News

On February 1, 2017, the Connecticut State Library’s Remembering World War One project launched a Twitter campaign called “Over the Top: Hartford Courant Reports the Great War.” This campaign will cover World War One day-by-day as it was reported in the Hartford Courant.

Each day “Over the Top” will tweet the front page of the Hartford Courant to give an overall sense of how the war was being reported by the nation’s oldest continually published newspaper. This will be followed by tweets that focus on Connecticut stories regarding the war as they happened at home and on the front. “Over the Top” will provide followers a look at how the lives of Connecticut residents were impacted by the war, with stories ranging from whether or not military training should be compulsory in public schools, to how factories were recruiting society girls to make gas masks. Selected stories will also be covered in more depth on Facebook, and selected images from articles will be added to Instagram. Images of the Hartford Courant used in this campaign are provided by ProQuest.

You can follow the campaign by following @CTinWW1 or #OTTHC and see additional content on Facebook @CTinWorldWar1 or on Instagram @CTinWW1.

About the State Library

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