Are You Connected to the Humanities?

From museums to online discussions, to book clubs and social media memes, to civic participation and dialogue, the humanities connect us all and every part of our lives. 

At CT Humanities we’re champions of connections.

We fund programs and projects that engage people in the history, literature and culture of Connecticut.

We want you to see yourself reflected and respected in the story of our state.

So, connect with us. Be a part of the story.


Financial support is needed for us to assist and help sustain the network of humanities nonprofits in Connecticut. You can help!

CT Humanities helps connect you to the history, literature and culture of Connecticut!

Get connected:

You’re connecting to and through the humanities every day!

  • Read a book? Humanities!
  • Thought about what a song lyric means to your life? Humanities!
  • Shared a meme on social media? Humanities!
  • Researched your genealogy? Humanities!
  • Discussed a current event with others? Humanities!

For humanities events going on across the state, visit our Events Calendar and Ongoing Exhibits Page.



The humanities provide the means to lead examined lives and to connect powerfully with one another.

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