REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: Arts, Culture, and Tourism Funding Roadmap Initiative – DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAY 16
May 4, 2022 • Advocacy, Features & News

Project Name: Connecticut’s Long Term Funding Roadmap for Arts, Culture, and Tourism
Organizing Entity: ACT Consortium
Due Date: May 16, 2022

Download Full RFP (updated 5.4.22) – PDF

This project will produce a roadmap for how state funding for the arts, culture, and tourism
(ACT) sector can be made more predictable, equitable and sustainable. The roadmap will be used
to help guide decision makers in the executive and legislative branches of the State of
Connecticut as they craft policy. The project will be led by a steering committee composed of
statewide stakeholders in the arts, humanities, and tourism sectors, including Brett Thompson,
Executive Director of Connecticut Arts Alliance, Jason Mancini, Executive Director of
Connecticut Humanities, Frank Burns, Executive Director of Connecticut Tourism Coalition,
Representative John-Michael Parker, Elizabeth Shapiro, Connecticut Director of Arts,
Preservation and Museums, Noelle Stevenson, Director of the Connecticut Office of Tourism,
and with the possibility of adding up to 4 additional members representing important affinity

The steering committee will be divided into working groups that will focus on specific aspects of
the project and their work will inform refinements to the roadmap. A series of regional charrettes
will be held to gather input from a broader array of stakeholders and to build support for the

The project’s end date in October will provide the steering committee with a shared vision and
common voice to present at the January opening of the 2023 legislative session, during which the
fiscal year 2024/2025 budget will be established. It is our intention that the roadmap will guide
legislators during the budget process as they consider state funding for the ACT sector.

The project will require the collection, analysis and synthesis of data to make our case, a study of
funding models from other states as examples, and understanding the needs of and gaining
support from constituencies within the ACT sector as well as involved governmental agencies.
CT Humanities will be able to augment data collection and analysis through its work already
underway, and CT Arts Alliance has collected some data on the arts community.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 5 PM, May 16, 2022 (updated).
Proposals submitted after this date will not be considered.

Interested parties should submit their proposals in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF to Sheldyn
ROADMAP” in the subject line. Be sure to include contact information for the proposal’s
primary contact person.

Direct questions to: Brett Thompson
Connecticut Arts Alliance

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