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Fellowship Place


Fellowship Place is a multi-purpose center in New Haven, CT where, in one location, adults living with a chronic mental illness may access a variety of support services to improve their quality of life and overall health. The agency is open every day of the year and provides a broad range of programs, including job training and job placement, supported education, day programs, housing, healthy meals, and counseling. There is no charge for most of the agency’s services, which are funded by government contracts, corporate and foundation grants, and private donations.

Traditional psychiatric care & medication alone cannot help individuals with serious mental illness stay off the streets, get a job, maintain their housing, or go back to school. Fellowship Place’s services complement & enhance traditional psychiatric care, by focusing on employment, education, housing, & social integration. Located on a campus in New Haven CT, the agency touches the lives of over 800 adults annually. The majority suffers from schizophrenia, major depression, or bipolar disorder. Common struggles among them include poverty, inadequate housing, unemployment, and poor physical health. Almost half have experienced homelessness at least once in their lives. Programming is designed to help increase their stability and self-sufficiency, build on their life-skills, and help them improve their overall level of functioning.

At Fellowship Place, we believe that treatment outcomes for the mentally ill improve when services are easy to navigate and give individuals a voice in charting their own path to recovery. We believe that offering a wide array of structured and unstructured activities, peer support, and counseling in one place at flexible hours is cost effective and the best way to make certain our client population realizes its full potential for a full and productive life in the broader community.

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