Constitution of 1818 Grants

Grant Overview

1818 Commemoration Quick Grants were small, implementation grants for projects that examined the Connecticut Constitution of 1818 and contextualized its lasting impact on our state.

These grants were able to be used to support a wide range of community-oriented programs that explored and commemorated the 200th anniversary of the Constitutional Convention of 1818.

Possible themes included, but were not limited to:

  • The events and issues that led to the Constitutional Convention of 1818.
  • The outcomes, both intended and unintended, of the Constitution of 1818. Why did another constitutional convention take place in 1965? Why did adjustments to the 1818 convention take 147 years to occur?
  • As a vehicle to discuss issues relating to voting rights; separation of church and state; religious freedom.
  • As a vehicle to look at Connecticut in 1818 in terms of changing demographics, town life, and people and places related to the convention.

Awarded Grants

You can view FY2018 Grants awarded to projects relating to the Constitution of 1818, as well as all other program grants.

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