Grant Spotlight: Stanley-Whitman House | Upstander Project Films and Discussions

Thursday, June 16 and Thursday, June 23, 7 p.m.
Free, Registration Required

Funded in part by a $4,985 April Quick Grant, Stanley-Whitman House will screen Upstander Project films, DAWNLAND, on Thursday, June 16th, and BOUNTY, on Thursday, June 23rd.

The intent in screening these Upstander Films is to make the invisible visible and start a process of decolonization and indigenization at Stanley-Whitman and to disrupt the illusion and narrative that Indigenous peoples have vanished historically and contemporaneously.

Each screening will be preceded by a brief introduction and followed by an hour-long Q&A with three speaker panelists associated with the films. Both screenings and speaker panels will be free, virtual, and live-streamed. In addition, registrants will also be able to stream two other Upstander films, for a total of four, throughout June for further appreciation and engagement.

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