Grant Spotlight: Sharon Historical Society | Reinventing Farming: How Small Farmers in the Northwest Corner are Finding Niches amid Climate Change, Industrial Farms & Large Supply Chains
May 3, 2022 • CTH Funded, Exhibitions, Programs

Multiple Events
Through May 2022 – Exhibit film and agricultural photos/artifacts on view; see website for hours of operation

Saturday, May 28, 4 to 5:30pm – Panel and Reception
Free; registration required

Location for both: Sharon Historical Society & Museum, 18 Main Street, Sharon

Reinventing Farming depicts the new crops, farming methods and distribution approaches that small farmers in Connecticut’s Northwest Corner are using to keep farming alive amid climate change, industrial farms and large supply chains. Supported in part by a $4,700 October Quick Grant, this project includes six 5-minute issue-based videos; an exhibit of changing farming implements, including photos of local farms over time; and four moderated panels with local farmers and agriculture teachers.

The final panel discussion, Rethinking Agricultural and Environmental Education, takes place May 28 and features Alicia Winter of the Marvelwood School Garden Program and Shamu Sadeh of Adamah Farm. Carol Ascher will moderate.

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