Giving Tuesday
November 30, 2015 • Features & News

“When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s a startling, but remarkable, statement. Eleanor Roosevelt was one of those people who gave selflessly of herself again and again, and passionately believed in that message. She believed that all of us have contributions to make to better the lives of others.

Many others have shared her beliefs and many continue to do so, especially when contemporary life is rife with socio-econ0mic disparities, and signs of apathy, anger, disillusionment, division and conflict bombard us. We see low voter participation and a devaluing of civics education. People talk past one another and the art of listening seems lost.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Humanities show us the way. Timeless examples drawn from history, literature, philosophy and ethics can help us find the answers to our most vexing questions: Why are we the way we are? What can we aspire to? What constitutes positive change? What can I do to make a real and lasting difference?

Humanities help us bridge differences and model open communication. They help us connect with one another, evoke thought, and deal effectively with difficult ideas. They make us ask why, find meaning, and let us know that it’s OK to change our mind once we consider other views.

In short, the humanities have never been more important to our state, our society, our communities, and our lives. We need only be open to their power, and embrace the possibili-ties.

Connecticut Humanities believes we can make our lives better, richer, and well spent, individually and collectively. That’s because we see the positive force of humanities at work in programs we support statewide in schools, libraries, communi-ty centers, museums and heritage centers. Examples include:

  • Engaging programs like Book Voyagers and The Great Connecticut Caper that captivate young readers.
  • Amazing resources like and the Teach It program that bring our state’s history to life.
  • Lively school competitions like Connecticut History Day and Poetry Out Loud that energize classrooms.
  • Walking tours, exhibitions and discussions, enabled by our competitive grants.

We are working toward an engaged, informed Connecticut.

And we’d be thrilled to have your support as we work to achieve this vision.

We believe people who are personally and professionally invested, who believe in our potential and a bright future, will find ways to counteract the negativity that has been allowed to permeate many aspects of our lives.

Your support today will help us reach more people, engage more allies, and achieve a society based in reason and understanding.

We promise your contribution will be used with care and respect.



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