Fake News: Is it Real?
April 5, 2018 • Features & News

Join Connecticut Humanities (CTH), Capital Community College, and Middlesex Community College on April 30th at 3 PM at Capital Community College for “Fake News: Is it Real.” This moderated panel discussion will examine the state of journalism and news consumption today.

“We want to foster a statewide conversation and exploration of why people have become so distrustful of journalism and how technology has changed the way we communicate,” said Scott Wands, manager of grants and programs for Connecticut Humanities. “We want to help people have the confidence and skills to evaluate news sources in today’s digital age. It’s an important and timely topic — one that’s not changing and one that we hope we can help everyone start to discuss and to find solutions.”

During the panel discussion, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists will talk about how journalism has changed over the past few years and why they think people have become distrustful of media. The discussion will also explore how people can become better consumers of information. Participating journalists will include University of Connecticut Prof. Mike Stanton (Providence Journal, Investigative Reporting, 1994), UCONN Prof. Steven Smith (Rocky Mountain News, Breaking News Photography, 2003), Mike McIntire (New York Times, International Reporting, 2017), and Gina Seay (formerly a senior editor for The Hartford Courant). The panel will be moderated by Larry Rifkin, former chief programming executive for Connecticut Public Television and longtime radio host on 1320 WATR in Waterbury.

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