CTH Welcomes New Partner
September 19, 2013 • Features & News

We’re pleased to announce that Connecticut Humanities has formed a new partnership with the Digital Media Center at the University of Connecticut to collaborate on our ConnecticutHistory.org website. The partnership was formed when two of the project’s staff members, project director Tom Scheinfeldt and editor Clarissa Ceglio moved to UCONN from the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University. CHNM was instrumental in conceiving ConnecticutHistory.org as an open access and dynamic resource on the state’s history, and in building and launching the site in May of 2012.

Tom and Clarissa join CTH staff members Amy Gagnon and Kim Sheridan on the ConnecticutHistory.org team. As the site’s research historian, Amy researches, writes and edits articles on the state’s history. She is also developing a mobile application in partnership with the Department of Economic and Community Development called Connecticut Communities that features historic tours of Connecticut for smart phones. Kim is the project’s content curator and handles the technology side of ConnecticutHistory.org, bringing together multiple resources to create the site’s content-rich pages.

The University of Connecticut Digital Media Center is dedicated to establishing, advancing and promoting programs of trans-disciplinary education and research in digital media. The Center brings together students, faculty researchers and digital industry leaders in a collaborative environment fostering exploration of digital visualization as a tool of analysis and communication. Its work supports the creative and technological education of the next generation of digital media practitioners, while promoting career opportunities in this expanding field.

Our work with the Digital Media Center will continue to ensure that ConnecticutHistory.org takes advantage of new ways to present and interpret humanities content on the Internet.  With more than 1,200 primary documents, 2,500 bibliographic records, 729 articles, and 241 resource pages, the site has fast become a go-to resource for teachers, students and researchers. With UCONN’s assistance, we’ll be reaching out to form new collaborations this year with Connecticut History Day 2014, the Native Histories Initiative, museums, archives, libraries, and historical societies throughout the state, as well as with the undergraduate programs of Trinity College, Wesleyan University, and Central Connecticut State University.

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