CT Humanities Awards $36,357 in Quick Grants to 8 Cultural Nonprofits for Humanities Programs

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March 7, 2023

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CT Humanities Awards $40,042 in Quick Grants to 11 Cultural Nonprofits for Humanities Programs

MIDDLETOWN, CT (March 7, 2023) – At their February meeting, the board of directors of CT Humanities (CTH) awarded $36,357 in humanities project grants from the CT Humanities fund.

This round of Quick Grants features a variety of programming, from exhibition project grants adding discussions for more rounded and robust experiences to the intersection of equity and diversity with arts and contemporary women’s rights, plus the impact of local inventors and creators across the state and several towns coming together to recognize an historical anniversary.

cARTie Co-founder and Executive Director Clare Murray explains, “It has always been within our mission to leverage the art museum environment to introduce young children to critical conversations that celebrate the diversity of our direct communities and world. We are looking forward to taking this further in 2023 and mounting ‘The Power of Art as Language’ with the support of CT Humanities. This exhibition is set to stimulate thinking, dialogue, and action around disability awareness and activism, and it uniquely grows out of an exchange of art between students at the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford, CT and students at the Machakos School for the Deaf in Kenya.”

The eight organizations awarded Quick Grants in February are:

cARTie (Shelton, $4,500)“The Power of Art as Language”: Enriching Children’s Understanding of Deafness, (Dis)Abilities, and Connecting across Cultural Contexts
“The Power of Art as Language” is a landmark exhibition celebrating the power of the arts to communicate and connect across cultures. The show grows out of an exchange between deaf students in CT and Kenya, which is facilitated by a strategic partner nonprofit with funding from the NEA. Community previews and free family programming centered around the exhibit and central arts and humanities themes commence in September 2023. The exhibit will officially run from September 1, 2023 to June 16, 2024.

Greenwich Historical Society (Greenwich, $4,999)Telling A Fuller History: “Shining a Light” Lecture Series and “Sports Stories”
The Greenwich Historical Society seeks to elevate and amplify underrepresented voices through our annual “Shining a Light” lecture series and complementary “Sports Stories” programming for our exhibition “Sports! More Than Just A Game.” This focus on inclusive and insightful programming prioritizes telling a fuller history and provides an opportunity to learn from and engage with speakers presenting perspectives on topics ranging from historical preservation to the role of identity in sports.

Litchfield Historical Society (Litchfield, $4,999)Telling Stories of Westward Migration: A Program Series at the Litchfield Historical Society
The Litchfield Historical Society is planning a spring program series focusing on westward migration and the Western Reserve, an area of Northeast Ohio once claimed, sold, and settled by the state of Connecticut. Planned in conjunction with a major two-year exhibit, the “Telling Stories of Westward Migration” series will feature new scholarship on American expansion; the movement of population groups, including the displacement of Native communities; and the formation of regional identities.

Norwalk Historical Society (Norwalk, $4,746)Lafayette’s Connecticut 1824 Bicentennial Tour
The 1824 Project involves developing an educational and informational website to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the 1824 tour of Revolutionary War hero, Marquis de Lafayette, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the American Revolution, with a focus on his time in CT. Lafayette played a critical role in securing victory over the British and cemented himself as a hero of both America and France. The project will honor Lafayette’s legacy by partnering with the 25 towns he visited in CT.

Wilton Historical Society (Wilton, $4,373)The Town Book: E. Boyd Smith’s 20th Century Wilton
The Town Book” is an exhibit and accompanying programming focused on the history and lives of Wilton residents of the early 20th century viewed through the lens of the work of children’s book author an illustrator Elmer Boyd Smith. Smith was a Wilton resident from 1907 until his death in 1943, and his illustrations frequently depicted or were inspired by scenes and people within Wilton. The exhibit opens May 19, 2023, with programs in June and September. Exhibit closes October 7th.

Windham Arts (Windham, $4,198)Windham Historic Murals Walking Tour
The project will pull together six murals in Willimantic that we commissioned, created by local artists based upon old black and white photos of historic events into a cohesive walking tour for visitors to our community.  Each mural will have a QR code that will link to a video explaining the details of the event, who participated, why it was important, and how it relates to or has impacted society today.

Windham Historical Society (Windham, $3,552)Windham Inventors and Their Impact
This project will showcase 16 inventions and patents that were created in Windham by Windham residents ranging from the years 1800-1890.  The exhibit will include either the actual invention, a model of it or photos of it as well as what it did, its impact on industry and society, who the inventor was and what happened to them.

World Affairs Council of CT (Hartford, $4,990) CTWAC International Women’s Day: Global Change Makers
Our International Women’s Day event, taking place on March 8th at the University of St. Joseph in Hartford, CT, seeks to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing women in our international landscape, as well as the role women’s advancement will play in shaping our global future. This year, the evening will convene a panel of distinguished international female leaders who are leading the global fight for freedom and advancing women’s rights.

For information on Quick Grants eligibility and application due dates, visit cthumanities.org/grants/quick-grants.


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