CT Caper: Chapter 3
January 5, 2015 • CT Caper, Features & News

Where are we?

Chapter Three leaps to another destination. Where, indeed, are Thomas and Li-Ming? What adventures are they encountering? Who are the mysterious Jasper and Iona? Read on to find out!

We are pleased to introduce Chapter Three author Hope-Denee Fortier and illustrator Beth Lovell.

Hope-Denée Fortier

Hope-Denée is a writer and freelance columnist for New Haven Living magazine.  Her articles have appeared in Hartford and New Haven Living magazines.  She wrote the screenplay, The French Soldier; the play, Not this Time; a collection of poetry entitled, Portraits, as well as various other essays and poems.  She earned a BA in English from Mount Holyoke College.  She is a Connecticut native and resides in Madison.


Lovell-Headshot_tnBeth Lovell

Beth Castle Lovell is a Connecticut artist who exhibits in New England and has posted a daily drawing or painting online since 2009, a practice that began as a New Years Resolution. She draws directly in response to her daily life including stimuli from the weather, daily errands, and her family. Beth has an MFA in Painting from Yale School of Art and a BFA from Indiana University, Bloomington. You can find her work at www.bethlovel.com and littlewolfpress.etsy.com.

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