CT Humanities Fund

The Connecticut Humanities Fund (CTHF) supports the work of organizations that use the humanities to help Connecticut residents and visitors better understand and appreciate human history, culture, values and beliefs. These competitive grants provide opportunities for analysis, reflection, inquiry and evaluation of the world through the lens of human experience. While  program formats typically include exhibitions, panel discussions, public speakers, facilitated discussions and talks, the fund also encourages fresh ideas on humanities experiences that engage the public.

We offer grants in the following areas. Please explore each for guidelines, deadlines and other information.

The Connecticut Humanities Fund is made possible by the Connecticut General Assembly.

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Guidelines, application materials and deadline materials vary by grant line. Please visit the pages in the drop down navigation above to find out more.

We strongly urge you to contact CTH staff to discuss your project idea prior to submitting an application. We are eager to help you submit a strong application and are available to review a draft if it is received at least two weeks before the appropriate deadline. You may also schedule a consultation with a CTH grants officer.

Please submit your application using WeTransfer (www.wetransfer.com), a free file transfer service that does not require you to sign up for an account or enter personal information. Details may be found in grant guidelines.

CTH program officers review applications for completeness and adherence to specific grant category guidelines. Click here to see a copy of the Application Quality Control Checklist we use.

Late, incomplete, and non-conforming applications are rejected without further review.  Common problems that cause rejection include:

  • late applications
  • applications for non-humanities projects
  • incomplete applications
  • applications not submitted using CTH required application and budget forms
  • missing required attachments
  • project budget short of the requisite 1:1 matching funds (required of all grant types) or requisite external cash match percentage (required of Implementation grants of $5,000 or more).

Applicants are notified by email within one business week of the application deadline if their application has been rejected along with the reasons that caused CTH to take this action.

Applications for Quick Grants of up to $4,999 are reviewed by a rotating committee of CTH staff members and outside committee advisors, approved by the executive director, and ratified by CTH’s board executive committee.  All applications are reviewed on:

  • The project’s Humanities Content and Project Design
    • Project Team Quality
    • Interpretation & Connection to the Humanities
    • Humanities Goals & Learning Objectives
    • Project Details and Description
  • How well the project meets CTH and Quick Grant Funding Priorities
    • Admission Cost
    • Public Accessibility
    • CTHF funding priorities
  • The project’s overall Viability
    • Matching Funds/Financial Support for Project
    • Budget Expenses
    • Audience Identification
    • Marketing Plan

For applications requesting $5,000 or more, a CTH program officer conducts a thorough review of the application and produces a report that includes the applicant’s CTH grant history, a brief assessment of the organization’s financial documents, background on the application, and a summary of its strengths and weaknesses. This staff report is sent to the review committee.

Applications for Capacity Building, Planning, and Implementation grants between $5,000 and $50,000 are reviewed by a board-appointed committee of Connecticut Humanities board members and advisors from various cultural and humanities fields. A lead reviewer is assigned to conduct a detailed assessment and render an opinion on each application. The committee then evaluates applications against the goals and priorities for the Connecticut Humanities Fund, as well as their individual merits, to determine funding recommendations. CTH’s board of directors makes all final funding decisions. Grants may be partially funded depending on available funding for a given deadline.

CTH staff, review panelists, and board members adhere to applicable guidelines on ethical and confidentiality standards. They abstain from commenting or voting on a request for funding if they have:

  • Any recent financial or governance relationship with the applicant organization or any person connected with the proposal.
  • Played or will play a meaningful role in the development or execution of the project.