Program Partnerships

CT Humanities is proud to partner with organizations across the state to enact transformative change to further the mission and vision of humanities in the state.

Connecticut Cultural Heritage Arts Program (CCHAP) at the Connecticut Historical Society

Funding for this partnership will expand the capacity of the Connecticut Cultural Heritage Arts Program (CCHAP) at the Connecticut Historical Society (CHS) to better serve diverse cultural communities throughout the state. This will be accomplished through increased community-informed consultation, in-depth cultural instruction within communities, community-led projects and collaboration, and open access to a growing catalog of digital assets in the CCHAP archive of materials at the CHS.

Connecticut League of History Organizations

Our partnership with the Connecticut League of History Organizations will help forge a stronger, more robust, and sustainable League with the capacity to serve not only Connecticut’s history community but its entire museum ecosystem. Partnership funds support five main areas to achieve the goal of becoming a state museum association: expanding staff, strategic planning, direct services to museums, expanding digital infrastructure through the Connecticut Collections project, and outreach to the broader museum community.

CT Democracy Center

Through this partnership, the Connecticut Democracy Center (CTDC) will be able to increase staff for two signature and award-winning civics/history programs: Connecticut History Day (CHD) and Connecticut’s Kid Governor® (CTKG). Increased staff will allow for expanded audiences and participation, deepen engagement opportunities, add enhancements and resources, and an increase focus on equitable access. CTDC will also be able to deepen and expand services to teachers and students in underserved communities.

CT Council for Social Studies

With partnership funding, the Connecticut Council for the Social Studies (CCSS), in coordination with the Connecticut Democracy Center (CTDC), will employ an equity lens to usher a revised set of social studies standards, offer professional development, provide funding for sustainable partnerships between cultural institutions and schools, and modernize the web presence for CCSS. Materials created from the partnerships will be made publicly available and the standards will be available to all educators at no cost.

The International Festival of Arts & Ideas

The International Festival of Arts & Ideas, with partnership funding, will seek to expand, diversify, and broaden the content and reach of the Ideas series–the flagship humanities component of the Festival for more than 26 years. Funding will support presenting world-renowned speakers from Connecticut and across the globe, increasing access and inclusion of Spanish-language speakers and audience, infrastructure for year-round and statewide programming, and building deeper connections with educators and young people.

Connecticut Literary Festival

The Connecticut Literary Festival has partnered with the CT Center for the Book with the goal of extending the scope of both programs. Partnership funding allows for the growth of the Connecticut Literary Festival by expanding the number of literary scholars who bring humanities into the public sphere, while also celebrating the literary arts in Connecticut with more panel discussions led by Connecticut writers. The Festival actively supports the CT Book Awards through specialized programming to bring finalists and winners to libraries and bookstores around the state.

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