HartBeat Ensemble: Workin’ for a Livin’
August 9, 2013 • CAW, Explore, Performances

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HartBeat Ensemble: Workin’ for a Livin’

This performance piece by HartBeat Ensemble, commissioned especially for Connecticut at Work, features a collection of vignettes exploring the human side of work life in Connecticut today.

Step inside the lives of a mother and daughter from Peru working for the same janitorial company, performing “invisible work” in opposite shifts on a local college campus. Or witness the daily stresses of an employment case-worker with a heavy workload of diverse out-of-work clients. Each performance, held around the state, will feature a unique blend of work stories.

The performance is sometimes humorous and sometimes disturbing, but always celebrates the human side of Workin’ for a Livin’.

Stay a little longer and interact with the cast and crew during performance “talkbacks.” Find out more about the characters, the scenes, the research, and the process directly from the creators and performers.


What is Hartbeat Ensemble?

HartBeat Ensemble creates theater based on stories drawn from contemporary life in Connecticut. Through Mainstage Plays, education programs, and commissioned work, HartBeat develops theater that is accessible beyond the barriers of class, race, geography and gender. In 2009 HartBeat was recognized by the Theater Communications Group as part of the New Generations Program for its ability to cultivate new audiences for theater. HartBeat regularly appears in the Hartford Advocate’s “Best of” edition as one of the top three professional theaters in the area.

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