Grant Spotlight: Norwalk Historical Society | Norwalk’s Changing Communities Before 1835

Open weekends (weather permitting, check website)
Location: Town House at Mill Hill Historic Park, 2 East Wall Street, Norwalk

Norwalk’s Changing Communities Before 1835 explores the area’s history from the end of the Ice Age in 10,000 BC through 1835. This comprehensive, interactive exhibition is family-friendly with hands-on activities and games. Learn about the arrival of the first people of Norwalk, the Indigenous People, their contact with the Europeans, and the development of Norwalk during the 17th and 18th centuries as well as during the dawn of the industrial age. Discover how community, work, and home changed over this period and how the people who lived in Norwalk adapted to those changes.

The exhibition was funded in part through its pre-planning ($4,999), planning ($23,000), and implementation ($35,000) stages by three Connecticut Humanities grants.

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