CT Caper: Chapter 12
June 7, 2015 • CT Caper, Features & News

Home Again

When we last saw Thomas and Li-Ming…  Lady Hallow took the Magic Feather and the Fundamental Orders, but Li-Ming stole it just in time before Lady Hallow could get away. Lady Hallow then used magic to turn Thomas into a cat, as Li-Ming used similar magic to turn Lady Hallow into a frog! Li- Ming stood alone in the castle as she watched the Fundamental Orders explode and break into pieces.

Meet author Stacey DeKeyser and illustrator Frank Dormer and click here to find out how the story ends!

Stacy DeKeyser is a resident writer of Connecticut known for her children’s books and positions presenting at events promoting writing and literature. She has published five novels for young readers that have received awards and been placed on reading lists across the country. More about Stacy can be found at: www.stacydekeyser.com.




J-Monkeys_100x150Frank Dormer is the author-illustrator of Socksquatch and The Obstinate Pen (Henry Holt), as well as the illustrator of many other books for children, including the Aggie and Ben series of easy readers (Charlesbridge), and the middle grade series (HMH), The Adventures of Jo Shmo. His next book is called The Sword in the Stove (Atheneum), and will be out in 2016.

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