Program Partners

Connecticut Humanities is proud to work with many partners across the state in furthering our mission and vision.

Office of the State Historian

Connecticut Humanities and the Office of the State Historian of Connecticut are partnering in the production of the popular and fast-growing program TODAYINCTHISTORY.COM. Through daily short informational messages on Connecticut Public Radio, and longer text-image-and-audio stories at the website, Connecticans are given day-to-day insights into the surprising, amazing, interesting, innovative, transforming, and teachable events that have made the nation’s third oldest and third-smallest state geographically one of the most interesting and important historically. Each of the website’s daily entries contains striking images, brief, readable stories explaining what happened that day and its larger significance, and links to sources that provide further information.

Connecticut Public Affairs Network – Connecticut History Day

Connecticut Humanities’ support for Connecticut History Day helps nurture the next generation of young historians and introduces them to the resources of the state’s museums, libraries and historical societies. History Day is a national program designed to engage middle and high school students in historic research and presentation. Coordinated in our state by Connecticut’s Old State House, the academic competition encourages students to explore local, state, national and world history. After selecting a historical topic that relates to an annual theme, students conduct extensive research using libraries, archives, museums and oral history interviews, and create final projects to present their work.

Connecticut League of History Organizations

Connecticut Humanities’ work with the Connecticut League of History Organizations (CLHO) dates back many years and aligns with our goal of helping the state’s cultural institutions connect effectively with the communities they serve. CLHO is a membership organization that creates connections among those who preserve and share the stories and objects of our past. We partner with CLHO to offer professional development programs like STEPS-CT as well as workshops for the staff, board members and volunteers of the state’s heritage organizations. We also work together developing educational materials to promote visitation to local heritage museums and sites. CLHO and Connecticut Humanities are strong advocacy partners and work together to promote the vital role the humanities and heritage fields play in our communities and schools.

Library of Congress, Center for the Book

Connecticut Humanities is pleased to be working with the national Center for the Book at the Library of Congress as home of the center in Connecticut. Created by the U.S. Congress in 1977, the center is the national coordinator for a network of state centers promoting reading and literacy to Americans of every age.Connecticut Humanities also partners with the Library of Congress to bring the Center for the Book to our state, promoting books, reading, literacy and libraries through a website and literature-based programs. Our new Connecticut Center for the Book website is brimming with information about Connecticut authors, book and literature events, and resources for readers and writers of all ages.

Library of Congress, a program of Connecticut Humanities, is collaborating with the Connecticut League of History Organizations, the Connecticut Council for the Social Studies, the Connecticut Public Affairs Network and the Connecticut State Library to develop and distribute inquiry‐based activities and digital primary‐source “treasure chests” that will be featured in workshops for educators. The activities, resources, and workshops will use the Library of Congress’s digital primary‐source collections augmented by local primary sources held in Connecticut’s history museums, libraries, and archives. The thematic focus is on our state’s role in World War One.

Connecticut Collections

Connecticut Collections (CTCo) is a three-part collections management, access and digital preservation project created by the Connecticut League of History Organizations, based on a customization of the Collective Access collections management software. It is an open-source, online resource tool that allows history and heritage organizations to manage their collections, to share items with the public through a statewide portal (, and to preserve their digital collections and associated metadata in the Connecticut Digital Archive (CTDA) where they will be safe for generations to come. The project serves organizations throughout the state, and is supported, in part, by Connecticut Humanities.

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