Join Us for Connecticut History Day October 14th!

Attend the annual Kick-Off Workshop and get fired up about Connecticut History Day on October 14, 2017, from 9 AM to noon. Discuss this year’s theme of Conflict & Compromise in History, discover helpful Connecticut resources, and gain helpful tips for making the most of your CHD experience. The kick-off for CHD will take place at Central Connecticut State University in Room 216 of the Social Sciences Building. For more information and to register, click here.

Connecticut’s history is one full of conflict and compromise. Most often these incidences take the form of compelling stories about individuals and groups that made a lasting impact on our nation’s history. From tales of freedom (such as the revolt of the enslaved Mende aboard the Amistad) to acts of civil disobedience (such as those undertaken by the Industrial Workers of the World to protect their right to speak), the perseverance and resolve demonstrated throughout Connecticut’s history makes significant contributions to the story of conflict and compromise in the United States.

Nutmeggers have been involved in all manner of conflict and compromise dating back to the establishment of the Fundamental Orders and carrying right through to the modern fight against educational segregation found in the case of Sheff v. O”Neill. This has required not only pushing at the boundaries of law and government but those of art, education, the environment, and health and medicine, as well.

Whether you choose to focus on issues of race, belief, gender, law, politics and government, work, or education, Connecticut’s history provides numerous examples of engaging stories to help you in your search for a local topic that addresses the many varied aspects of Conflict & Compromise in History.

Please help us save Connecticut History Day! Due to the recent budget cuts that eliminated state funding for Connecticut Humanities, CHD lost the lion’s share of its support for the 2017-2018 year. Click here to help us save this vital academic program.

Connecticut History Day is one of 57 affiliate programs of National History Day. It is sponsored by the Connecticut Public Affairs Network with support from The Connecticut League of History Organizations, Connecticut Explored and

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