Exhibition Planning Project: “Speak Up!”

  • Organization Name:
    Fairfield Historical Society

  • Organization City:

  • Amount Awarded:

  • Fiscal Year:

  • Grant Summary:

    Funding will support The Fairfield Museum (FMHC) in planning for an inspirational and provocative new exhibition and related public programs titled “Speak Up!” which is scheduled for July 2, 2020 – January 18, 2021. “Speak Up!” will celebrate and explore the history of citizen’s advocacy in southwestern CT and the vital role that social activism plays in our communities. The exhibition will focus on 6-8 profiles of contemporary people who have made a difference through their activism in civic and political issues in the greater Fairfield-Bridgeport area (i.e. environmental, school, tax, political reform, anti-corruption, housing, voting rights, and other issues). Through photographs and interview excerpts, individuals who are involved in local activism from different political perspectives will share what spurred them to become active on public issues and what they have learned about making change.

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