Connecticut’s Kid Governor® 2019-20

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    Connecticut Public Affairs Network

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  • Grant Summary:

    Partnership support enables Connecticut Democracy Center (CTDC) to continue offering Connecticut Kid Governor (CTKG) as a free program, ensuring that all 5th grade classrooms have equitable access to the program and resources. CTDC is committed to eliminating barriers to participation by keeping CTKG free and turnkey. This is important for many programs, especially in a program where students actually vote. CTKG lays the groundwork for an engaged CT by immersing students in civic lessons from a young age and extends CT Humanities’ (CTH) civics and history reach beyond Connecticut History Day’s 6-12 grade audience to 5th grade teachers and students. By providing students the opportunity to identify problems in their communities, research the background of those problems, and think carefully about viable solutions, CTKG fosters curiosity, understanding and critical thinking. Partnership period is July 2019 – June 2020 and the CTKG elected in fall 2019 will serve through December 2020.

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