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CT’s Extraordinary Traprock Landscape

March 18 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Forged by nature and sculpted by time, the lofty traprock ridges in New Haven and the Connecticut Valley create an extraordinary landscape that has been celebrated by artists, outdoor enthusiasts, and scientists for generations. Author, educator, and environmental scientist Peter M. LeTourneau, Ph. D. will share his insights, and the spectacular photography of Robert Pagini via Zoom.

The New Haven Museum presentation is based on LeTourneau’s book, “The Traprock Landscapes of New England: Environment, History and Culture,” which is available at local bookstores and online.

A Connecticut native, LeTourneau was inspired at an early age by these ancient volcanic hills, once called “the boldest and most beautiful” landscapes of New England. He will share an insider’s view of the environment and culture of this unique region including local legends, “secret spots,” and little-known history. Tracing the influence of natural history on cultural development in the Connecticut Valley, he asserts that the rocky highlands are landscapes of national significance, where the combination of geology, geography, water resources, climate, and human settlement fostered vital developments in Early American science, education, agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and the creative arts.

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